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The Book


This book – Volume 1 in a series entitled “What Would a Unicorn Do?”  -represents a collection of the first 36 installments of the author’s on-going account of her adventures living with a frolic of Unicorns. The installments contained in this volume were first serialized in a popular Chicago-area LGBTQ periodical – Grab Magazine.

Quick Summary of the Book:

Holly– a transgender woman – visits her favorite gay bar, where she meets an adorable (and Supernatural!) pink Unicorn named Sassy Pants. Sassy introduces Holly to her fellow Unicorns in the “frolic” (the name given to a “gathering of Unicorns”), and Holly soon makes many new friends – including one handsome“stud” named Victor! 

Holly goes to live with the Unicorns in the forest, where she experiences delightful adventures, late-night parties, humorous pranks and unexpected romance! Holly is granted the privilege of meeting Penelope, Queen of the Unicorns, who teaches her secrets concerning both the Species Unicorn – and the Species Human- which are known only to Unicorns.

As Holly becomes comfortable living with the Unicorns, she comes to rely upon those special bonds of caring and compassion which join Unicorns and LGBT-folk into one brave and supportive “frolic” of loving hearts.